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So, I requested Dreamwidth/Fandom/LJ poly for the yuletide fic exchange this year, and since my request went out on the pinch hits list just in time for Madness, I got seven anthro DW stories for that prompt.

I have recced them at length in my journal, but you all should go read them all (assuming you did not write them): they vary from incandescently hot to sad and sweet to funny and clever, sometimes all of that at once, and they are all full of love.
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Dreamwidthing in the Forensics Lab, G rated, gen, 621 words, starring Abby & Ziva.
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Four Invite Codes: Hardison celebrates Open Beta day.
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Hardison likes elegance in his code - he gets a kick out of helping Dreamwidth improve theirs. (OK, so he's also made sure he knows where the back doors are, but he swears that it's only for emergencies, and he's tightened security so only he can use them. After all he only messes with the bad guys now).

A week before Open Beta starts Parker get three invite codes and emails them to Eliot, (who joins [community profile] omnomnom, and quickly achieves distinction for the varied (and delicious) world cuisine recipes he posts) Nate and Sophie as the obvious people to send them to.

They are all unsettled to find that Parker has embraced the porny side of fandom. (They don’t know that she’s almost solely responsible for the threefold increase in pegging fic) Hardison however is seriously disturbed by the thinly veiled RPF threesome PWP she's posting to a locked Original Fic comm. (He doesn't know if it being so well received is more or less disturbing). He does however, secretly get into her long and plotty (but also very porny) fic about an alcoholic ex-private investigator and his angst ridden, but hot relationship with an beautiful actress turned con-woman.)
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Parker had caught Hardison updating his Dreamwidth account during some downtime, (Hardison would never admit it to the team in a million years, but he hadn't needed to steal a invite code due the huge amount of coding he'd put in under a pseudonym) and had made him explain what it was.

Hardison offers her an invite code, but it's much, much more fun if you steal it yourself. (It's OK though, the person she steals it from is away from the internet for a few weeks, and by the time they get back, there's plenty more invite codes available)


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